About Me.


About Me.

My name is Jillian Rose.

Lifestyle writers are known to give readers a much younger age than what appears on their Driver's License, tell you what a glamorous nomadic life they lead, and declare their love of French Chardonnay and weekend devotion to a Yoga practice. namaste. When they want to get real annoying, they refer to themselves as a "dog mommy" and somehow manage to slip in something about their fiance. 

So instead of creating a life that revolves around fermented grapes and saying "Yamaste," I'll tell give you the facts.

This is the section of the blog where the writer states their name, an incorrect age, a supposed geographic location, and their unique profound passion for sipping a French Chardonnay with their poodle and/or fiance. (Ew.) Oh, and yoga. Always a devout yogi.

I'll give it to you straight: 


Age / Gender: mid-30s female.


Location: currently floating between the swamp state and Pennsylvania. Please send relocation suggestions. 

Interests / Hobbies: I absolutely detest this question, but I can assure you they do not include terrible wine and attempting to downward dog on a Saturday morning.

The struggle is real: My face not only sports aging wrinkles, it does this thing every so often where mountains of pimples crop up. You could practically plan a hiking route around my chin. Because I believe in transparency, here is me sporting pimple cream (I don't present myself on dates like this:



Sexy, yeah?

Site Disclaimer:

This site is not for the prude, the judgmental, the girls who wear make-up to the gym, or anyone who might deny the fact they still pick their nose when no one is watching.

This site (I'm so over the word blog) is a mish-mash of what the f*ck? moments, coming of age insights, and ultimately: an outlet for the Dark Side.

Oh by the way, this is what I look like without pimple cream: